After Surgery

You would have seen a dietitian and should have a detailed plan of what you have to do for the next month.
Fluids only diet, you must be able to sip it through a straw. Protein supplements, thin soups and broths, drinking yogurts, fruit and vegetable juice.
Puree Phase. Blend or vitamise your meals so there are no lumps.Keep drinking water – sipper bottles are great.

Dissolvable stitches and steri strips will have been used to close your wounds. The steri strips can also come off in about 5 days. When at home you can shower normally and simply pat the wounds dry. Dressings don’t generally need to be applied unless there is an ooze from any of the wounds. If you notice redness, inflammation, a discharge or the area is hot to touch please contact the office or see your GP.
After laparoscopic (keyhole) surgery you will notice discomfort when using the muscles that the port has been attached to e.g. getting out of bed, walking, coughing, laughing, crying and even going to the bathroom. Some patients have shoulder tip pain as a result of the gas used during surgery. This usually resolves over the first three days. Soluble paracetamol e.g. Panadol taken regularly two, four times a day should control any discomfort. If you experience any severe pain, please contact the office or your GP.
Vomiting is not normal. You may vomit if eat too quickly, too much or you don’t chew your food well enough.Remember: If vomiting continues stop eating and go back to fluids for 24 hours to give your stomach a rest.

Resume taking any medication you may be on the day after surgery, unless otherwise instructed by Dr Bowden. You may find it easier to break up large tablets.
Hunger is the enemy! In the first four weeks the main aim is to avoid vomiting. Often patients notice that in the first month after surgery they are still hungry. DON’T PANIC!, For Lap Band patients, the soft food and liquids doesn’t allow the band to help you feel full after a small portion size. Once the band is adjusted it will help in making you feel full.
The band has its first adjustment one month after surgery. This is a simple procedure performed in the rooms by either Dr Bowden or Dr Duncombe. You will not need to change but you will need to be able to expose your stomach so your ‘port site’ is accessible.Remember: Do not eat anything (drinking is fine) two hours prior to your adjustment and only have fluids for 24/48 hours after that adjustment.

Your first post operative appointment will be with Dr Blair Bowden two to three weeks post surgery for local patients and four to six weeks for country patients, from then we will arrange follow up with either of our bariatric GP’s (Dr Jennifer Duncombe or Dr Louise Gore-Jones) approximately one month later, then three months and onto six months (this will be dependent on when they deem necessary to review you again). If they think you need review again with Dr Blair Bowden they will refer you back to him and also discuss your problems with him. Follow up is very important no matter which procedure you have done.

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