Santo Russo


Santo Russo established Better Life Psychology in 1999 after a 20year career focused on human development across the lifespan. Before becoming a psychologist his work in early childhood development gave a solid foundation for his support of individuals, both young and old, in the challenges that they face on a day to day basis.

After completing a bachelors degree in education, Santo went on to complete a double major in psychology and a Masters Degree in Psychology at the University of Queensland. Santo was first introduced to bariatric surgery and weight management by two clients who insisted he meet with Dr George Fielding to discuss the psychological needs of his patients. Following this meeting Santo came to work with George and four other surgeons in the support of bariatric patients in Queensland.

When George relocated to New York, Santo continued to work with patients of Queensland Bariatrics under Dr Blair Bowden. Santo’s interest in weight management has taken him into membership of the Obesity Prevention and Treatment Society (OPATS). OPATS is a national body of multi-disciplinary clinicians working towards a better understanding of weight and its implications. Santo holds the position of Vice-President of the society for two years now.

Santo continues to work with children, adolescents, adults and families in their daily challenges through his private psychology practice throughout Brisbane.

Address: 169 Kelvin Grove Road

Phone: 3353 5430

Web: www.betterlife.com.au

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