Bariatric New Patient Form

Accommodation Brochure

Local accommodation available around the Wesley Hospital.

Adjustment Clinics

All available adjustment clinics available around Queensland.

Bariatric Surgery Booklet

A guide to bariatric surgery.

Bariatric Pre Op Information

Information to help leading up to surgery.

Bariatric Post Op Information

Information to help post surgery.

Dietitian and Psychologist Contact Information

Nutrition 4 Life

Online and phone dietitian contact information.

Nutrition 4 Life Meal Plans

Great personalised meal plans for post surgery

Lap-Band Patient Brochure

Online version.

Lap-Band Patient Brochure

High quality Print version. (5mb)

Lap-Band Surgery Information

Sleeve Gastrectomy Brochure

Sleeve Gastrectomy Information

Gastric Bypass Brochure

Gastric Bypass Information


Information and paperwork for drawing on your superannuation for medical reasons.


Proving your identity.


Information for Medical Practitioners.